Find out why we are the NUMBER ONE vintage BMW tuning company around! No other company can compete with our service, knowledge, products, and warranty.

Founded in 2009 by a computer engineer that was working at a golden-era JDM tuning company in America, SSSQUID quickly rose to become one of the most recognized international brands specializing in Vintage BMW and contemporary Japanese vehicles. And, with many years of experience in the field working directly with and for companies like Bosch, BMW, Subaru, and more, we can confidently offer the best products available.

Over the past decade, SSSQUID has worked directly for and with engineers and technicians from the following corporations and entities designing mass production products, implementing new infrastructure, or offering customized solutions for various needs:

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However, what we are most known for publicly is our ECU tuning. What is ECU tuning? Well, put simply, it’s the reprogramming of your car’s ECU (Engine/Electronic Control Unit) for improved operation. While most tuners only adjust the most basic factors involved in a system, such a full-throttle range ignition, our rich background in computer sciences and engineering allow us to go miles beyond the competition. We have deciphered and improved upon core aspects of many ECU’s firmware, as well as fully tuning almost every applicable map necessary, from idle to full-throttle to bring your vehicle to its peak state of operation. Below is a comparison of our software for various engines, versus our largest competition. See how they simply cannot stack up, and why SSSQUID is able to offer best products and services through ingenuity and modern methods, because you work hard and shouldn’t waste your money on something less than the best!

SSSQUID proudly offers the most complete tuning solutions for E24-through-E36 models outside of BMW’s M-division themselves, and we have proved it time and time again. A SSSQUID-tuned vehicle has set track records in class/division at the following raceways:

  • Gingerman
  • Watkins Glenn
  • Road America
  • & more

Not only are ignition and fueling completely optimized, from idle to WOT, but there are numerous changes to everything from ignition determination speed to improvements in how the ECU filters certain signals. While the Bosch and BMW engineers did the best they could in the 80’s, our tech has improved tremendously and allows us to offer various improvements not available anywhere else in the world. Compounding that point, the stock software is meant to handle a range of situations and stringent emissions testing for a stock vehicle, while our tunes are designed specifically for increased power (and MPG when appropriate).

The difference is real
stage 1.5 vs stock +26hp +24tq

Our tunes go far beyond the dyno– utilizing real-world datalogging and computer simulations in order to determine the best tuning options for every stage of the vehicle, from your ECU to your intake manifold.

per-gear tractive effort

While we do involve ourselves with newer vehicles, there’s nothing like that 80’s feel, and we have the most fun ripping apart and updating those models. That is why we now hold multiple patents and pending patents in everything from aerodynamics to conversion circuits!

Airflow behind a regular E30 at 5m
Airflow behind an E30 at 5m with our vortex generators installed

SSSquid is involved with every aspect of ICE operation, from intake filter to exhaust tip. Not only do we provide full particle flow analysis of intake or exhaust manifolds and systems, but also provide full aero analysis, chassis component stress analysis, and custom product creation.

Intake and exhaust tuning plays a major role in engine efficiency. Here at SSSquid we preform these analyses for a variety of customers looking to improve or validate their designs, from your garage modder to mass-production facilities.

runner comparison testing

original manufacturer design
SSSQUID optimized design

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