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Have a Version 1 SSSwitchboard? Contact us for a FREE upgrade to Version 2!

New design* is universal** for any 28-pin ECU. Including BMW E30, E36, Honda Civic, CR-X, VW Golf, VR6, Nissan 240SX, Skyline, Porsch 944, Carrera… and more! 

The SSSwitchBoard is a great piece of hardware for those of you looking to run two separate tunes in your ECU for situations like track days, smog testing, valet/shop security, fuel economy, octane switching, etc!

Quickly switch to an economy tune when putting your car through smog testing and never have to worry about anything looking out of place, then switch easily back to your performance tune as soon as you leave the shop with a crisp new “PASSED” sticker on your windshield. Never have to worry about a gas station having the correct octane on a road trip by easily toggling back-and-forth between tunes with the flick of a switch. Heading to the dyno and need to compare two different setups? Not a problem!

Hot-switching (Hot-swapping) means you can switch between tunes while the engine is running! Simply flip the switch and you’re running the other tune!

Run the cable from your ECU to any mounting position of your choice.

Now including an LED tune indicator for quicker and easier determination of currently selected tune!


  • SSSwitchBoard
  • 36in cable + switch
  • Two preloaded tunes

Downloads + Information:

Please contact us for package and bulk discount options when purchasing injectors or other components as well!

*previously known as “SSSquidBoard”
**universal in operation, and should fit the form factor of most ECUs fine. Please check dimensions if unsure.


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