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The SSSQUID MAF CONVERSION KIT (SSSMCK) is the ONLY kit on the market that converts a MAF signal to something the stock M20/M30 ECUs are capable of correctly reading and processing, and without the need for a tune!

This is for the base kit. There are two components to a complete kit — a base and a module. You will NEED a module that will either connect to or contain the input sensor (such as MAF, MAP, or TPS). The add-on modules are available here:

Read more about the kit, view installation instructions, and download software on our wiki site here:

See a list of currently supported input and output sensors (MAFs, VAMs, etc) here:

This is a pre-release product. What does that mean? It will have 3D printed parts instead of injection molded, it will use larger circuit boards that are easier for us to work on individually. Some functionality may be in early stages, and as such, some features may be added or removed in the future. At the moment it is not an all-in-one MAF, and will require you to source your own MAF or purchase one from us. However, it will work exactly as advertised, requires no ECU or engine modifications, and is quite simple to install. When used with our MAF module, it works with the stock ECU and stock tune. When used with our MAP and TPS kits, you will require an ECU tune.

Buying this pre-release version will entitle you to a FREE exchange to the final product when it is released (we just ask that international buyers pay the cost of shipping). No need to worry about being left with an older version without the latest features!

Since each unit is hand-built, it will take at least a few days for your kit to ship. If on backorder, it can take 2+ weeks to ship. If you’d like an estimate, feel free to ask!

If you have any feature requests, we may be able to accommodate, please feel free to ask!

Main Product Features:

  • Plug-and-play! No tuning required**. Works with the stock ECU and any tune for the VAM specified during order (this means it can work with the stock tune!)**.
  • Works with many engines, notably M20 and M30 engines equipped with EFI ECUs (does not work on carbureted engines).
    • Now supports M40 and M42 engines! However caveats apply. Please contact us first!
  • No modifications required to remove and go back to the stock VAM if necessary. Simply swap over!
  • Configurable custom triggers that can control things such as external relays. You can read more about these triggers here:
  • Properly converts the MAF, MAP, or TPS signal into a signal the stock ECU is capable of reading and processing correctly.
  • Quicker throttle response, higher supported power*, less flow restriction, less weight, improved overall airflow.
  • Optionally choose between external or internal IAT sensor. No external IAT sensor required!
  • Bluetooth-enabled data-logging and tuning! Log and graph real-time airflow values wirelessly to a Linux or Windows machine!
  • Attachable mods, such as Alpha-N adapters, Speed Density kits, and various displays/gauges.
  • Easily manually adjust reported airflow for any sensor discrepancies.
  • Customizable case colors. If you’d like a specific color or combination, just ask!
  • Made in the USA! Yes, even the circuit board! Support multiple small, local businesses at the same time.

MAF Help:

See a list of currently supported input and output sensors (MAFs, VAMs, etc) here:

It is recommended to choose a MAF that will support about 20-25% more power than your estimated maximum engine output. It is not recommended to use a MAF that is rated for more than 50% of your maximum output. E.G. if your engine outputs 170 Hp, choose a MAF that supports 205-215 Hp. If your engine outputs 250 Hp, choose a MAF that supports 285-315 Hp.

The stock M20 ECU can support up to about 280 Hp without a sensor rescaling (however the stock tune is only designed for around a maximum of about 170 Hp). The stock M30B35 ECU can support up to about 310 Hp without a sensor rescaling (however the stock tune is only designed for a maximum of about 200 Hp). With proper tuning and rescaling, these ECUs can easily handle over 500 Hp.

MAF P/N — MAXIMUM POWER (estimate, there is some margin depending on engine efficiency)

  • 0-280-213-011 — 210 Hp (76mm)
  • 0-280-217-502 — 250 Hp (76mm)
  • 0-280-217-800 — 315 Hp (92mm)
  • 0-280-217-803 — 315 Hp (92mm)
  • 0-280-217-806 — 315 Hp (92mm)
  • 0-280-218-002 — 210 Hp (70mm. Fits in stock M20 intake elbow! This MAF is nearly identical to 0-280-218-003 and can be used interchangeably)
  • 0-280-218-069 — 350 Hp (92mm)

If you don’t see an option that works for you, please ask, we may be able to accommodate!

What’s Included:

  • SSSMCK Base Unit
  • Vampire fuse adapter with terminated power cable
  • Blade fuse

What else is needed? (Not included)


  • Do I need to have my ECU tuned?
    • No! While it’s always recommended, you do not have to be tuned. This kit will work with the stock tune, or any other well-designed tune made for the VAM of your choice.
    • However! Specialized tunes are required when using the TPS (Alpha-N) or MAP (Speed Density) kits!
  • Do I have to make any other engine or ECU modifications for this item?
    • No, there are no required engine or ECU modifications for most every vehicle. You simply need to plug in a new wire (provided) to supply power. No cutting, soldering, splicing, or modification necessary!
  • Should I reset my ECU?
    • It is a good idea to reset your ECU after installation. There are instructions on how to do this here.
  • Which MAFs can I use?
    • The list of supported MAFs and input sensors is constantly growing, and you can always program your unit for any of the available sensors by using our Buoy software!
  • Can I change MAFs in the future?
    • Yes! The SSSMCK is able to be reprogrammed for different input and output sensors by the end-user (you).
  • Does this work with the M40/M42 engines as well?
    • Yes, this has been used on M4x engines. However, at this time we do not yet offer a plug-and-play kit that has the proper connection for the M40/42’s VAM harness connection. We have not been able to find a supplier of these connectors. If you would like to use this on an M4x engine, please contact us.
  • Do I really need a conversion kit? Why can’t I just plug in a MAF?
    • These older ECUs use exponential math to determine airflow sensor translation. This math is incompatible with most every MAF sensor curve. Many MAFs can sense airflow in both directions, whereas VAMs only sense airflow in one direction. MAFs provide quick and noisy signals whereas VAMs provide a steady analogue signal. A conversion kit must be used for proper operation.
  • Can you make a unit that looks like a stock VAM, but is a MAF?
    • Yes, please contact us for more information regarding this custom request!
  • How do I know which VAM (AFM) I have, or which VAM my ECU is tuned for?
    • If you want to know which VAM you are currently running, you will need to look at it and read the part number.
    • If we provided your tune, we can tell you which VAM it is setup for. Otherwise you will have to ask your tuner.
    • The popular VAMs are:
      • M20B20/23 — 0280202083
      • M20B25 — 0280213082
      • M20B27 (S-ETA) — 0280202082
      • M20B27 (ETA) — 0280202091
      • M30B34/35 — 0280203027
      • M88 — 0280203025 or 0280203027
      • S14B23 — 0280203028
      • Porsche 944 S (M44/40) — 0280203028
      • Porsche 924/944 S2 (M44/41) — 0280202064
    • MORE INFORMATION (user manual, diagnostics, installation instructions, etc.)


* Depending on sensors selected and ECU tune.
** When used with our MAF module, it works with the stock ECU and stock tune. When used with our MAP and TPS kits, you will require an ECU tune.


Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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