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Bring your M42B18 to life with this fully tuned, daily driven, and track tested  performance chip. The SSSquid Tuning performance chip is the most complete tune on the market, with every aspect of the mapping being optimized from idle to wide-open-throttle.

This chip is compatible with:

  • 1989–1991 E30 318is
  • 1990-1992 E30 318i (only North American models)
  • 1992–1996 E36 318i (only North American and South African models)
  • 1992–1996 E36 318is
  • 1994–1996 E36 318ti

**E30 USERS PLEASE NOTE** If you have an E30 model and are using 19 Lb/Hr Ford injectors, they are most likely rated for 3.5 bar fuel pressure, and will therefore flow less than the stock injectors on a stock fuel system. We recommend either purchasing injectors rated for 19 Lb/Hr+ on a 3 bar system, or upgrading the FPR to a 3.5 bar unit.

**E36 USERS PLEASE NOTE** If you are using a 282 or 668 ECU, you will either need to provide us with the original chip/ECU, or use an EWS emulation module to defeat the EWS check. At the moment there is no work-around for this, and a performance chip (any performance chip from any brand) will NOT work without being based on the original chip or without using an EWS emulation module.


0.5 12 13 7000
1.0 20 25 7000
1.5 35 35 7400
2.0 55 65 7600
2.5 70 85 7600
3.0 85 95 7400-8000
*over a stock vehicle on a stock tune. HP/TQ numbers are general estimates and will vary.

Don’t know what stage you need? Looking for a little advice? Please see the GETTING STARTED page or CONTACT US for more information!

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