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We offer full injector refurbishment and flow-testing services. We can service nearly any top-feed gasoline injector (diesel excluded for now). Furthermore, we also offer flow-matching services!

Read more about injector refurbishment here: INJECTOR REFURBISHING

Read more about choosing injectors here: CHOOSING INJECTORS

Once your order is complete you will be able to download the necessary forms to send in your injectors. You can always access the forms again from your account page.

This service comes complete with a full cleaning and testing, from disassembly to ultrasonic cleaning, even brand-new fittings! You can see a complete list of testing below:

  1. Disassembly
  2. External Cleaning
  3. Polishing (on metal-body injectors)
  4. Submersed Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
  5. Leak test
  6. Reverse Flushing
  7. Full new components (filters, o-rings, pintle caps, etc.)
  8. Static flow value test
  9. Test at 1000 RPM
  10. Test at 4500 RPM
  11. Test at 7500 RPM
  12. 2000-8000 RPM sweep test
  13. Final External Cleaning and Internal Lubrication

This service is provided PER EACH INJECTOR. If you have 6 injectors, you’ll need to purchase QTY 6 of this service.

Quad hole nozzle injector (left) vs. single hole nozzle injector (right). Notice the more dispersed pattern of the quad hole unit.


This can cause serious engine trouble — when one injector is flowing almost double the lowest flowing unit. This is why injectors need to be flow matched, not just cleaned.



  • What is turnaround time like? How soon will I get my injectors back?
    • Most injectors are refurbished and shipped within 2 business days. This may be shorter or longer depending on our current work-log, but should never take more than 5 days. The return shipping time is dependent upon which shipping method you choose at checkout.
  • What happens if one or more of my injectors are faulty or no longer operational?
    • We cannot make a broken injector work again. Well, we can, but it would take longer and be more expensive than simply buying a brand new injector. If an injector in your refurbishment order is found to be bad, a $10 credit is applied (or $10 gift card given).
  • Do you offer injector replacements?
    • When available or in stock we can offer replacements for broken injectors, however we do not stock every injector and this is subject to availability.
    • Otherwise, place check the injectors section to view our current retail stock.
  • Will you provide information on how the injectors work?
    • Of course, all refurbished injectors include a complete write-up of their flow values so that you know what’s-what. Recommendations will be given when necessary on which injector should be placed at which cylinder to compliment the engine’s flow dynamics.
  • Please ASK any questions you have BEFORE purchasing this service!


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