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Looking to learn your injectors’ specific flow ratings? We offer flow testing at a fraction of the cost that others charge!

We offer both stand-alone static flow testing, as well as the full gamut of RPMs and injection rates.

But what’s the difference?

  • A static flow rate test shows how much fuel is allowed through the injector while the pintle remains fully open.
    • This test is only indicative of the injectors advertised flow rate.
  • A dynamic flow rate test shows how much fuel the injectors output during real-world operation.
    • This test starts at an equivalent of 1,000 RPM up to to 9,000 RPM at a variety of different opening times, as well as a final static flow rate test.
    • This is the most accurate and informative test available. It is what good tuners will use to create fuel maps for your vehicle.
    • By default we will choose a selection of useful RPM and injection rates depending on the engine the injectors will be used on. However, we are happy to provide specific RPM or injection times upon request!

This service does basic internal cleaning, and all injectors are fully internally lubricated. It does not replace any components nor does it include external cleaning. If you would like full injector refurbishment, please check out our Injector Refurbishment Service!

This service is sold PER INJECTOR. If you have 4 injectors to test, order 4 of this item. If you have 6, order 6. 8? Order 8.

An example of a dynamic test with 0-280-155-832 injectors:

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Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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