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E30 Alpina B3 Chip


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This chip is a bit-for-bit reproduction of the original Alpina B3 M20 tune. This is not customizable (e.g. injector size, “stage”, or octane), and is intended only for use with the stock B3 injectors (apprx. 18.25 Lb/hr; same injectors used on M42B18 and M30B35). The tune requires 89+ octane.

This chip is NOT A GOOD SOLUTION FOR THE STANDARD “2.7I” OR “327I” BUILD! If you are looking for a proper tune for the ETA block + 325i head, look HERE.


Alpina B3 (C2/2) Specs:
  • M20B25 base
  • M20B27 crankshaft + rods
  • 18.25 Lb/hr injectors
  • Head decked to raise compression ratio
  • Custom Alpina designed pistons
  • Custom intake manifold
  • Big-bore throttle body
  • Port + polish
  • Custom Alpina designed camshaft
  • Upgraded valve springs



  • Who should use this product?
    • People that own an Alpina B3 or similar vehicle with the C2/2 engine.
    • People whose build matches, quite closely, the above specs.
  • Keep in mind this tune was made to be daily driven and pass all sorts of emissions testing.
    • For a more performance oriented tune, check HERE.
  • Does this carry the Unlimited Lifetime Warranty that all other SSSQUID chips carry?
    • This does not carry the SSSQUID Unlimited Lifetime Warranty and is not applicable for our reflash deals.



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