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FAQ Do you have a MAF Conversion Kit? Yes, however it is not available at the retail level. Does it work? Yes, perfectly. Can I use it with the stock tune or am I required to buy a SSSQUID tune? … Continued

California SMOG Results (STG2 E30)

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Here are results from a recent Stage 2 tuned, built E30 going through California emissions testing on our tune. As you can see, it passed the test with flying colors. No issue there! Build Specs: Magnaflow 334006 HIGH-FLOW CAT (retaining … Continued


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Hello and welcome to SSSQUID TUNING V3.0. This is more than just a website redesign, we have also COMPLETELY REDESIGNED our entire tune line-up to include the latest CUSTOM SSSQUID software for each vehicle. Built from the ground-up in-house, we … Continued

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