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Update March 27th, 2020: We are not currently able to offer in-person or travel-based services. Online orders can still be fulfilled (please allow 2-4 days), but at this point in time you can EXPECT a delay with shipping. Please, do not yell at us, there is nothing we can do. USPS, FedEx, and UPS are national/international services that we do not have any control over. If they delay your item, it is because they are inundated with shipments and do not have enough people to handle them. There is nothing we can do about that. Please be understanding. Your order will be delivered as quickly as they can.

Update March 23rd, 2020: The order has expanded exclusions to include automotive parts and services, which allows our business to remain open and fulfill orders. There are still distancing rules which we will adhere to, so some services will be disrupted. However, we had already dedicated our time to volunteer efforts helping others, so you may still experience delayed order completion/fulfillment. Please be patient with us as we fulfill our obligations to our community.

Original post follows:

Unfortunately an outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred in Kansas City, which has prompted the mayor to issue a non-essential business closure and stay-at-home order.

Therefore, starting Tuesday, March 24th 2020, we will have a temporary halt slight delay on shipping orders until the quarantine is over.

What we must temporarily halt:
– Dyno/street tuning
– Installations
– Travel for events/races/tuning

What we can continue, but may take a little longer:
– Order shipping
– Bench flashing
– Email responses
– CAD design
– CFD analysis and optimization
– PCB design
– Item production

All orders will be shipped as quickly as possible, but please expect a short delay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.