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Unfortunately our city is under a stay-at-home quarantine and all businesses are forced to limit activities. While we can still ship items, we cannot perform in-person services, and some other services may be delayed.

Please note that you will most likely experience a delay of some sort, either with order fulfillment or during shipping, or both. We do not have control over the shipping companies, if your package is delayed it’s because they are overwhelmed, understaffed, underfunded, and underappreciated. The United States is in both a state of civil unrest and pandemic mitigation. Please be kind, patient, and understanding of the harsh circumstances we are all facing every day. These package couriers are risking their lives to deliver your package, show them some understanding and appreciation.

Instead of sending us a degrading and angry email about your delayed delivery (despite our numerous warnings), use that excess energy to schedule an appointment with an anger management therapist.

What we must temporarily halt:
– Dyno/street tuning
– Installations
– Travel for events/races/tuning

What we can continue, but may take a little longer:
– Order fulfillment
– Injector refurbishment
– Bench flashing
– CAD design
– CFD analysis and optimization
– PCB design
– Item production (this is significantly delayed; PCB production is halted)

Our recommendations for you:
– Stop hoarding all the toilet paper.
– Take any extra time you have to turn your harmful and pompous grass yard into a useful and beautiful garden.
– A haircut is not more important than other’s lives. Grow up.

All orders will be shipped as quickly as possible, but please expect a short delay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.