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Orders are expected to begin shipping August 21st

The product is not yet in final form, all photos are of pre-production units. Check this page for updates to both product and shipment date expectation.

The SSSquid Tuning E30 Shift Light Needle is an innovative modification to update your E30’s tachometer with new technology. Utilizing microcontroller activated multi-color LEDs, the system is able to actively change the color of the needle to reflect engine revolutions. Videos recent builds:  and

The Shift Light Needle System includes the following items:

  • Tacho needle
  • Tacho back plate
  • Shift light system
    • Microcontroller
    • LEDs
    • all wiring
  • Complete installation and any necessary modification done by SSSquid technician

Features and Operation:

The color operation can be seen in the previously linked video, but is explained below:

  • White: Normal cruising range and idle
  • Green: shift up for economy driving
  • Orange: It’s race time!
  • Red: get ready to shift
  • Red, flashing: It’s SHIFTIN’ TIME!

This system does not interfere or change any original functionality of the gauge cluster, only adds features. All original components will function as intended.

The system has been tested on both M20 and M42 engines, but is currently only compatible with VDO and Motometer clusters from M20 based cars (325/i/is/ix). The M20 cluster can be used in an M42 vehicle. An M42 cluster version is in the works and requires testies, so email us to find out more.


Optionally available are custom backs for your tacho. These are currently being designed and examples will be available shortly. Otherwise the original or provided tacho back will be modified and used.

The process:

The shift light gauge needs to use the original equipment, having select pieces replaced with custom parts. The shift light system automatically adapts to the 325i or 325e tachometer and will change colors accordingly. For the time being, all systems will need to be installed and configured by SSSquid Tuning– this will require a core of either the entire gauge cluster, or just the tacho, to be first shipped to SSSquid Tuning. Turn-around time at the beginning will be between 2-4 days. We will stock as many clusters as we can in order to ship orders without first receiving your original unit. If this is the case, there will be a core-charge of $40.

Upon checkout you will receive an email detailing the return process for your original tacho. Once we receive the unit, work begins immediately. Please note that this will not “fix” a dead tachometer- your cluster must be in working condition in order for this mod to work.

More Information:

  • still working on prime color change locations