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PLEASE NOTE: we are discontinuing distribution of this particular unit as we design our own PCB and have it manufactured to higher standards than what DIYAT is able to provide.

You asked for it. Over and over and over again, and it just couldn’t be ignored anymore! A fully built Plug-and-Play MegaSquirt* unit for your BMW. Built using the latest DAT products, this is just about the easiest way to make your car fully-standalone. With a pre-loaded startup map or optional performance tune, it’s as simple as unplugging the old Motronic unit, plugging in the MegaSSSquirt, and driving away!

Only the SSSquid Tuning MegaSSSquirt model comesss pre-built with esssential modificationsss sssuch asss: (ssssssssss)

  • trigger wheel conditioner adjustment
  • selection for variable TPS input
  • **internal serial to mini-usb conversion  — no more big, bulky rs232 cables! (here)
  • **4-bar MAP sensor (here)
  • **Barometric correction (same unit as 4-bar map sensor)
  • **4(6/8) cyl (semi-)sequential injection
  • **Bluetooth connectivity (tune wirelessly!) (here)
  • **Run coil-on-plug and wasted spark with extra genuine Bosch coil drivers (here)

And comes with all the standard equipment you’ve come to expect from a Plug-n-Play MegaSquirt unit:

  • Speed density, Alpha-N, and hybrid Alpha-N
  • Knock Control
  • Launch control and flat-foot shifting
  • 2.5 bar map sensor and electronic boost control
  • Batch or bank-to-bank fueling
  • Dual ignition input


Make Model Engines From To Notes
BMW 325i/iS M20 1987 1992 * Check before ordering – a few older models used a 35 pin connector.
BMW 525i M20 1989 1990
BMW 535i M30 1989 1993


Average turn-around time for MegaSSSquirt construction and customization is 2-14 days– dependent upon queue and situations.

What’s included:

  • MegaSSSquirt ECU
  • Sticker pack
  • CD with software and standard base tune (if available; not a performance tune)
  • RS232 to USB Cable
  • Mini-USB to USB cable (if internal USB option selected)

Stage 1 –

For use with stock internals with or without minor bolt-on modifications.
Rev Limiter: 6800
Idle: 750rpm

Stage 2 –

For use with internally upgraded cars, such as aftermarket cam, rockers, valve springs, compression ratio etc. Please specify all mods during checkout!
Rev Limiter: 7000
Idle: 850rpm

Stage 3-

For use with built engines intended for race usage. Custom tuned to meet your car’s needs.
Rev Limiter: Variable (7000-7500rpm)
Idle: Variable (800-950rpm)

* The unit is based on MicroSquirt tech, which is essentially the same as MegaSquirt, but smaller. All of the same programs and tunes are compatible.
** Optional equipment, contact for pricing and availability.
Internal USB and Bluetooth currently only working on paid version of TunerStudio

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