M50/M52/S50/S52 with Euro/540i MAF Conversion Chips Available Now!

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That’s right! Get them while they’re hot! Tested and tried tunes that have been under development for months are finally available to the public. After many complaints about other companies not providing the correct tunes, and people asking almost daily for an 800 MAF Conversion chip, it seemed like the best time to provide something that you want and need to give your car that extra bit of oomph.


Available for the M50, M52, S50, and S52 engines with many different ECUs. Visit the E36 section for more info!

M50 800 MAF Chip

M52 800 MAF Chip

S50 800 MAF Chip

S52 800 MAF Chip


And as an added bonus for anyone that read this post, take 10% off your order of any new 800 MAF Conversion Chip! Just use coupon code iluvsssquid800 (expires Feb. 28th)

Thanks, and have a great day!

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