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Gary H. of Alabama says about our 327i Conversion Chips, “The tune really rocks the 2.7i conversion. I was 3rd quickest today, beating some quick Subies times, in the mud for half the day. Everyone that drives the car is shocked at how much power it makes, and how well it puts the power to the ground.” And he’s not just talk, he proves it with some fast autox and rallyx videos!

User JLLPHAN of Nashville, TN says about our e30 Stroker Chips, “I was very impressed by the level of customer service. The chip was sent out super fast and was packaged well to keep it safe. Now all I can say is: WOW. Truly amazing. The idle, power delivery, throttle response and linear power band are as if this car came this way from the factory.” (build thread)
















Frank A. of California says about our e30 325i Chips, “This thing blows the Dinan chip out of the water[…] I’ll be coming back for more!”

Katie M. of Tampa, FL says about our S52 3.5″ MAF Conversions, “So in love!”

kte30 s52

Cindy H. of Calirfornia says about our e30 325i Chips, “It brought my car back to life! It made such a difference, thank you so much!”

Taylor D. of California (too many people from California!) says about our e30 327i Conversion Chips, “The power is amazing. This thing straight boogies!” He even runs the tunes in both of his cars.

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Stephen S. of Rennstall in Washington says about our e30 327i Conversion Chips, “The car is running like a champ. No more running rich or bad idle.” And then he goes to show us how e30s should look:

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Palmer L. of Tampa Fla. says about the S52 Euro/540i MAF Conversion Chip, “Man the car runs 10 Times smoother and more torque.”


David of Orlando, Fla. says about the e30 327i chip, “[it] fixed the terrible idle, and it drives incredibly smooth. I love it!”


BimmerHeads recently sold 325es with m20b25 swap, 274 cam regrind, high-flow PnP head, and more. They said about the Stage 2 tune, “it pulled very, very well all the way through 7000! I was very happy with the chip and it seemed to pair well with our cam and head.”

Rich Dufford of Atlanta, GA. (e30 2.9l stroker, custom tune) says, “There is a noticeable difference between my old chip and this one. My old chip was built by a well known chip builder and did its job well for my old setup. But this chip is designed specifically for my newly built custom m20, and the marriage is great. I suggest you talk to Jesse if you are looking for a chip, or anything. Great service, and a stellar product. Thanks sssquid! My e30 dons your sticker and a special ornament proudly.”


Eugene of California says about the 325e chip “Just installed my 325e chip this evening and it immediately helped my car run smoother. Your chip is great, there’s no doubt about that.”




Ben Dingwell of Omaha, Nebraska says about the stage 2 M52 tune, “I went from a TRM tune to this and couldn’t be happier. Your service was fantastic while TRM wouldn’t even return my emails.”


















Jeremy N says about the 325e tune, “I’m having fun with your 325e tune!”


















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