Wondering a bit about how the tunes are finalized? It stems from data logging and data tracing each model under various conditions, from extended cruising to spirited driving, and adjusting every single necessary parameter, including: idle valve duty, injector dead time, fueling, injector latency, ignition timing, air-to-fuel ratio, top speed limited, speed buffer, and many more. I have even taken the time to expand many maps.

A perfect example would be the M20B25 tunes. Stock and most every other tune on the market are not able to provide new values for any ignition, fueling, or anything else above 6200RPM range. However, with the SSSQUID tunes, values ranges extrapolate and are optimized all the way to the very last RPM before red-line (which has been increased to 6800RPM on the M20B25).

This also means that, say you need a custom tune for upgraded valves, springs, and head-work, and you want it to rev to 7200RPM. No problem, and that also means that I will custom edit a file to extrapolate data all the way to the 7200RPM mark.

Here is an example of a comparison between stock and custom tuned SSSQUID ignition timing for a car with upgraded a complete Bimmerheads head package on a 2.7L block, with slightly lower CR.



And then compare the stock target fueling vs SSSquid Tuning for that same application



Notice how it just stops doing anything after 6200RPM? Bummer, all that wasted potential! Imagine needing to rev another 1000 RPMs in the engine’s most volatile region without any changing at all to fueling. And, to top that off, stock BMW fuel goes lean at redline. So you have a too-lean situation, too little timing, and you’re going to race your engine up to 7200RPM (or even 6800RPM)? I don’t think so! That engine won’t last very long.Not only are the chips tuned for great, reliable power, they are also tuned for increased fuel economy when you’re not racing around a track. You can expect a healthier, cleaner engine, increased throttle response, improved fuel econ, and a smoother ride. It’s like buying a new car (sort of)!
While our primary concern is safety– for you and for your car, we still prioritize optimization of your engine’s combustion cycle for maximum power output. This leads to improved fuel economy and throttle response. Meticulously designed, methodically tested, and ready to race, SSSquid Tuning is the best choice no matter your application!
Our tunes go far beyond the dyno– utilizing real-world track datalogging in order to determine the best RPM range and tuning for each gear give our tunes a superior edge over the rest.
We also conduct computer simulated experiments to help produce the best products for each car, and to provide proof-of-theory reasoning for each tuning choice.

And with all that being said, feel free to send us a message on the “contact” page for custom work, with any questions, or order your off-the-shelf, safe-and-reliable chip today!